2019 Was A BOOMING Year

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Our First Year Stats!

30,000+ Page Visits

91 Countries

1035 Facebook Page Followers

987 Facebook Page Likes

178 Free Site Memberships

87 Youtube Channel Subscribers

12 Podcast Followers

Thank you everyone for an incredible year. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am of your continued support and contributions you have made on one of the many different methods of getting information out. 

We have transformed a lot. We began this journey as a purely educational site geared to share scouting experiences. I had a group of friends in scouting that helped me get some initial content up and away it went! We tried a few different approaches… some worked and some didn’t so naturally we have adjusted. 

We have now moved into the realm of being a scout news and information portal for many different communication methods while having laser focus on training and online classes. We have feeds from multiple scouting bloggers, we have free training videos that anyone can use via our YouTube channel and our cooking section has become a main avenue of content. 

What’s coming for 2020?

  • More YouTube Playlists: We will continue to build out very specific compilation videos based around specific scouting subjects on our channel. These will always be free and available to all scouts and scouters. We have had a huge response to what has already been added. Check out our what we have already.
  • National Camp Directory: We are developing a National Summer Camp / Scout Camp Directory. It will include the essentials adult leaders need to know about that particular summer camp as well as what these camps offer outside of summer camp. It will be searchable based on select criteria. This will be a free service to utilize.
  • Monthly Master Class Subscription: We will be starting up a monthly paid subscription for an exclusive “Masters Class on Scouting Topics”.  A small group of scouters will get together twice a month to discuss and dive deep into that month’s topic via an interactive video session/webinar. Those sessions will be recorded for future referral and accessed via this site. They will also have exclusive rights to some content built around those scouting topics on our site. We are currently finalizing monthly topics subjects and should have an official announcement / enrollment opportunity in the next couple weeks. Email me for more info / interest.
  • Podcasts: We are dipping our toes into the podcast scene and like what we see. Expect more podcasts to reflect our favorited articles, new content, interviews with other scouters and scouting bloggers. Click here to hear what we got so far.
  • Scouting Resource Co-Op: We are developing a scouting information resource sharing co-op. This will be for scouting bloggers that want to laser focus on their particular scouting passion while benefiting from a larger shared audience with other like minded scouting bloggers. Email me for more info / interest.

So there is a sneak peak into what we have cooking! We are so stoked that this passion of ours for scouting is like so many others. We love the feedback and look forward in making this a better resource for a lot of scouters in 2020! Good luck out there scouters!


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