Breakfast Casserole – Cooking Like a Rockstar!

You had a great night’s sleep. You lost the paper/rock/scissors match at the last troop meeting so you are cooking breakfast. The alarm clock goes off, you ask yourself why you chose scissors twice in a row… You get up.. get coffee on. Sun is just coming up… You can sit there and watch it because you are prepared with this great breakfast idea.

Here is something pretty easy and cheap to make on your next campout breakfast meal. This has it all! Lots of protein, dairy, carbs, fats and seasonings! This meal will feed 8 people very well and there is very little cleanup and not a lot to bring out with you either! All that for a little more than $1/person… Ready? Here we go…


If you follow all these hints your biggest concern will be to pre-heat the Dutch Oven to get it ready because all the ingredients will take about 5 minutes to bring together and get ready.  If not, anticipate a least another 30 minutes of work prior to you getting the charcoal ready for breakfast.

Here is a great list of tasks that can be done before arriving at camp:

  • Pre-cook sausage at home, draining it of the fat and placed in a container ready to add to the bowl.

  • Pre-crack your eggs and put them in a zip-loc bag. You can beat them and pour into the bag. (freeze it and you can use it like ice in your cooler for the ride out to camp and it will be ready Saturday morning.)
  • 2 cups of milk already poured out and placed in a smaller container next to those frozen eggs.
  • 1 cup of shredded cheese in a zip-loc bag as well. You can rubber-band all three things (frozen eggs, milk and cheese) together to keep them cool.

You can use a gas/propane stove to pre-heat the Dutch oven and get the charcoal ready with a charcoal chimney (google charcoal chimney). This meal will take 45-50 minutes to bake at 350 degrees on an average 50-80 degree day without a hard, cold wind blowing on it. That means the oven is at 350 when you pour in the ingredients and it’s kept out of the wind. If you are heating the Dutch Oven over a propane stove it could take as little as 5 minutes to get ready. You can place an all metal and glass meat thermometer in there to check on pre-heated temps.

The biggest concern you have to think about is the charcoal and the fact that 45 minutes is reaching near to or outside the maximum burn times/effectiveness of charcoal.

For a 10 inch Dutch Oven, it will take 21 briquettes ( 14 on top and 7 on the bottom) to bake at 350 degrees. (hint… google “Dutch Oven Briquette Temp Guide). If the temps outside are colder or if you don’t get the stove ready to go when the briquettes are ready, you may have to have add a second set of 21 briquettes to keep the temps consistent towards the end of the bake. You can use the first set to pre-heat for 15 minutes and then have the second 21 ready to add at the 30-minute mark. If you don’t have something like a propane stove to pre-heat your Dutch Oven.

You will put in all the ingredients into a 2 liter mixing bowl. All the contents should come up to about 1.5 liters. Mix everything together with a large spoon. Once that is ready. Have a can of spray oil ready, open the hot Dutch oven and spray that oil around the bottom of it ( I like olive oil here ) or use a parchment paper liner. I would recommend against a metal liner here because it will take much longer to bake and you will have more inconsistencies in the casserole due to air flow differences between the Dutch Oven and the metal liner. It will look like goo but it’s ready to bake. Put the lid back on and set your timer for 45 minutes to check on it. Now you can send all the dirty dishes to the washing stand and you can relax for about  minutes. At the 30 minute mark you will need to check on the briquettes. As they are burning, they will begin to disintegrate. If they are half the size of what they started off at the 30 minute mark, you will need to add more briquettes in a hurry and will probably need to let it bake for an extra 10 minutes. Have those charcoal briquettes on ready standby. 

To check if the casserole is ready, stick a clean knife, fork or stick in it till it hits bottom. Now pull straight out. If it comes out clean, its ready.

If there is any gooey matter on it, it still has some time to go. Once that knife comes out clean take it off the charcoal. Let it set while you tell your campers breakfast will be ready shortly and wash up.

Your Ingredient List: 

1 wristwatch or clock

6 Eggs

1 pound of crumbled breakfast already browned and drained of fat

2 cups of milk

1 box of StoveTop Dressing for Turkey

1 cup of shredded cheese

Your Equipment List:

1 oiled Dutch Oven (10 inch at the minimum)

1 Parchment Paper Liner (optional)

21 Charcoal Briquettes (14 top, 7 bottom) Second set of 21 briquettes for backup.

1 Charcoal Chimney with a propane stove to prepare the briquettes or lighter fluid

1 lighter

2 liter mixing bowl

1 wooden spoon

1 pair of insulated leather gloves to handle heat

1 pair of food safety gloves

1 pair of charcoal tongs

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