Cold Weather Camping Tips

“Insane!” “Wow, really?” “You’re crazy! Don’t you know it’s freezing out there?”

These are typical reactions from people when you tell them you are about to go out into the woods with the weather going below freezing… in tents… for the weekend. For those scouts who have experienced cold weather camping it is second nature and just another campout weekend. We all remember our first cold weather campout. Some have fond memories and some, well, not so fond. We all learned lessons from not only our experience but the experiences from others on that fateful weekend. For those scouts who are going out on their first cold weather campout it is a little scary. For the parents of those scouts… well, it can keep some up all weekend worrying.

I have rarely had a better night’s sleep than on those cold campouts. I don’t have to leave the tent in the middle of the night. I don’t spend hours in front of a fire and wondering why I can’t get warm. I eat great and I have a great time! Why? It wasn’t because I was lucky… It was because I was prepared. There are basic rules of the woods when doing cold weather camping. Some are pretty surprising. Some don’t make sense but they work.

Feel free to download this free document Cold Weather Camping Tips (1217 downloads) to help plan and prepare for your next cold weather campout. We hope that it helps you as much as it’s helped others over the years. If you like the resource, all we ask is you like our page or even share this post out for others benefit from it.

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The author, Tony Zizak, is a long time scouter, Eagle Scout, and the scoutmaster of Troop 119 Ellettsville, IN. He has been to scout camps across the country and was a certified Program Director, Aquatics Director and a Scoutcraft Director. As a youth Tony received his Vigil Honor and served as a Lodge Chief for Tseyedin Lodge #65. Reach out to him for any questions you may have on this article.