Online Eagle Quest Program

With the need to quarantine, having something to keep scouts engaged is vital to boost confidence and scout skills while keeping the scouting program alive. Units, districts or councils could implement an online Eagle Quest program using these three simple steps, in order.  The scouts have a way to build and excel in scouting skills along with achieving rank. Qualified scouting adults focus more on assisting, honing, and passing off the requirement.

Step 1

Learn w/Video

Nothing ever replaces quality face to face instruction. Videos, which are done well, can replace some of that when the need arises. We have permission to show/list those videos here. Start here.

Step 2

Practice @ Home

The scout now has an idea of the skill. S/he can practice or go back and review the instruction at the scout’s time. Online video chats/conf calls can be utilized to hone skills. Equipment check: How to scrounge around the house to pass off requirements. 

Step 3

Pass / Signoff

The scout is ready to discuss, explain or demonstrate a skill. Online video / conference calls can be scheduled via either unit, district or council events.

Quality Videos:

(click on the category below to see specific videos and hover your mouse over items for better descriptions)

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  • First Aid Videos
  • Knots and Lashings Videos
  • Scout Rank Videos
  • Tenderfoot Rank Videos
  • 2nd Class Rank Videos
  • First Class Rank Videos
  • Citizenship Videos
  • Camping Videos
  • Cooking Videos
  • Nature Videos
  • Hiking and Navigation Videos
  • Aquatic Videos
  • Scouting Knowledge Videos
  • Wood Tools Videos
  • Physical Fitness Videos

Equipment Ideas:

There are some things that require some purchases online or at the local store (like a compass) but you can do a lot with a little scrounging around the house for items to do some substitution. As always, your scout handbook should be the first thing in your inventory list… 🙂

First Aid / Emergency Prep Items:

  • Old bedsheets and pillow cases for cravats and splint bandaging
  • Magazines for splint bracing
  • Household first aid kit or personal first aid kit. Personal first aid kits are really cheap at drug stores. (see below for our recommendations for a simple kit)
  • Online pictures of a traffic accident scene to walk through what the scout should do. 


  • Cardboard boxes for coolers to demonstrate proper food storage
  • Household pots, pans, cutting boards and utensils to demonstrate proper handling. 

Knots and Lashings: 

  • Shoe / boot laces for knots
  • Paracord (has several smaller strands inside)
  • Pencils for poles
  • Dental floss for lashing practice


  • Towel, pillowcase or old bedsheet to fold a flag. 


  • Backyard
  • Park


  • Print off some free topographic maps online.
  • Print off pictures of local vegetation to help identify them.
  • Check with district or council for some pre-approved hiking trails or known 5 mile circuits.
  • Smart phone app for a compass
  • Smart phone app for a GPS


  • Consistently lay out pieces of bread or bird seed in a place outside in your yard. Birds will be attracted within hours for bird and mammal study. 

Service Project Ideas:

  • Individually (in uniform) do trash pickup around their community streets.


  • Online picture printouts of canoes, kayaks, rowboats for part identification


If all else fails, Amazon or your local pharmacy are pretty reasonable for some stuff. Here are some recommendations:

  • Paracord w/firestarter in it: You have nice rope to lash, whip and fuse. You can use it for some of the throw rescues in first class. You can dissect it to get the smaller strands to practice lashing smaller things like pencils and pens. 
  • Personal or household first aid kits: These don’t need to be 10k piece kits. For a basic kit, you need some different sizes of bandages, tape, gloves, tweezers, gauze, and a needle. 
  • Cotton balls and petroleum jelly: Some of the best firestarters ever…

Free Video / Conf Call Solutions

Before going about any video conferencing, please make sure to accommodate for 2 deep leadership. Never put yourself in a situation where it’s just you and the scout all alone.

Here are some free options for video conferencing that your unit, district or council may choose to leverage:

  • Zoom (free package good for 45 minute intervals)
  • Facetime (if everyone has iphones)
  • WhatsApp – Smartphone App
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Rooms
  • (free video conferences for unlimited time up to 100 people)