Finding The Right Troop?

Troops are like everything else…. they can be very different. Some are more focused on certain outdoor activities or events. Some are more focused on certain fundraisers. Each troop is managed by the adult volunteer group (scoutmaster and assistant scoutmasters) with the youth truly running the program and some troops are more dependent on adults. It’s hard to know which troop is the right fit or what questions to ask. If you read on you will find a good set of questions to ask the scoutmaster and see what will work for you and your scout. 

Thinking About Volunteering?

Volunteering can be some of the most rewarding work you could ever know. It’s important to understand what you may be jumping into. It can or will take as much time as you give to it and if you aren’t careful you can burn out. If you click on the details below, it will show you some things to consider and how to go about setting the right level of expectations with the other adults in the unit. 

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