Items Needed:

  • Food safety gloves
  • Couple bowls
  • Couple knives (can be butter knives)
  • Long wooden skewers
  • Green grapes
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Small Marshmellows

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Quick Notes: There is more work in preparing the food than it is to put it together. These should be refrigerated up till the moment you are ready to serve. You can use a small flower vase for presentation or you can use something like a styrofoam object to stick these into… They will go quick!

Grinch-Kabobs are incredibly easy to prep, make and serve. It’s a fun gathering activity for cub units and they are very good and refreshing after a heavy meal. It’s a really cool Christmas banquet idea for your Cub pack or your Den. I showed up to a Thanksgiving meal at my mom’s house and she was pretty excited to show me this idea. In a few minutes, we (about 5 people) had all the ingredients ready to assemble this cool holiday side disk or dessert. It’s pretty easy to make. It’s pretty festive looking and everybody at this point has see the Grinch movie!

The prep work takes longer than assembling this holiday snack.

For food safety reasons, make sure everyone is wearing gloves and all the food and all items used have been washed. Bring those bowls out for finished ingredients ready to assemble. For the most part everything but the bananas can be prepped earlier but the bananas will need to be cut into discs just before you start assembling to keep them looking fresh. Like the picture above, make sure your banana discs are about 1/4 inch wide, the strawberries are capped and the grapes are de-stemmed. One item to note… you can run this as an assembly line or everyone makes their own. Hands should be gloved and dried while touching the marshmallows so as to not stain them or make them sticky. 

Just before you start making these kabobs make sure you know how you will store them and keep them cool. Have a couple already made to show an example of what it should look like as well as how far down the skewer your items should go.

Take a bamboo skewer or large wooden skewer and you will pierce the grape (the head) along the stem through the bottom. Take your banana quarter inch discs and place them right on top of the grape for the start of the hat. Pierce the strawberry upside down where the flat edge of the cut banana cap and the strawberry meet and then at the very tip top you put the marshmallow.

These will be very top-heavy. The best thing you can do is to start with large skewers and to get a small flower vase to put these in. 

There you go! You have grinch-kabobs! These things will be good to go for about an hour in room temperature. You will want to refrigerate them until just about the time you want to serve these. They’ll go very quick! 

Good luck out there scouters and post some pictures on how they turned out for you!