Learn Scouts BSA is a social learning platform to gather and create knowledge about all things related to ScoutsBSA, Cub Scouts, and the Venture Scouting programs. Learning will come through the sharing of experiences of between yourself and others utilizing a variety of media, conversations, documents and online classes.

  • We are here to help parents make the right choices based on their scout’s needs as well as their own. There is so much left for interpretation when looking for a good Scouts BSA Troop. Setting the expectations early ensures a greater chance of success in scouting. Ask questions.
  • We are here to help the adult leaders at all stages in their scouting career:Are you just now contemplating taking on a role in Scouts?Have you jumped into a leadership role and wondering how you can best serve the troop?Do you need help wading through all of the new information in the Handbook?Need some new ideas or a fresh perspective on scouting?Would you like to discover training opportunities for adult leadership?LearnScoutsBSA is designed to work with scouters in all stages of their career. We bring experience to the table. One will quickly find out that scouters are learners that never quit! Join our site and ask your questions.
  • Every scoutmaster and parent dreams of the best for their troop and kids as their grow and develop into responsible citizens and adults. Building a quality program isn’t done in a day, week or a month. It take slow but steady small steps. There are magic ingredients to success. The magic ingredient to success: slow and steady SMALL STEPS.  We will show you what that process looks like as well as the right time to implement those steps. Online Scouting is here and we can help you with those questions and others as well.