What Leaders Need For Online Scouting

Online Scouting Is Here. Are You Ready?

Resources For You

How Can We Help? Keep scrolling down for some more tools to add to your toolbox.

Set The Goal

Plant that flag to show where you want to take your unit.

Studying online

There is plenty for Scout Rank to Eagle Rank to do at home.

Online Events

Many councils are putting together virtual campfires, merit badge days.

Small Steps

Here are some ideas to get your unit online or improve what you already have.

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Videos To Help

Nothing beats face to face instruction but these will help you help them.

Good To Go With Online Scouting?

Why Do All This?

We have a tremendous opportunity to shape the next generation of scouting. “We can either be in front of the change or under it.” Through the partnership of both the scouters who are “dreamers” and “traditionalists” we can build what could be known as “Scouting’s Second Wind”

Setting The Goal For Your Unit

As the adult leaders of our units, others will be looking to us for guidance and setting the overall goals of programming. This is especially true for online scouting. By planting the flag for others to see, this will help make decisions and is easier for everyone to understand why those decisions where made. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Use the example on this page to build your own SMART goals. Goals Should be Smart… Keep scrolling for more…

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Goals should be: SMART
Action Based
Time Boxed
  • Specific: What online programming will your unit be ready for? “I need to be able to communicate quickly with my parents.”
  • Measured: Where exactly are you on that goal and how to measure that journey? “Create a contact list to be handed out to all parents to include their cell phone numbers. I will have 100% of my parents on with confirmed cell numbers.”
  • Action Based: Assignments, tasks and who is assigned. “I will ask my assistant scoutmaster of communications to create a parent text group for me to use and have all those numbers distributed”
  • Relative: How does this task work towards the goal? “The parents text group will provide an immediate communication path for fast response ability.
  • Time Boxed: Give a deadline or it’s a dream. “This task is due by Day/Month/Year. 

Home Activities

Believe it or not there is a lot of activities your scouts can do at home. There are online discussions, meetings, merit badges and board of reviews…. all done from the house. Imagine great ways to break down rank requirements into daily activities without you having to build it. There are 30 day challenges for Scout through First Class Ranks here on this site free for the taking. 

Why Do All This?

Now more than ever is the time to engage scouts on as many levels as we can. By providing an online scouting program we can provide a more rounded experience. This can lead to more time for the face to face/peer-to-peer scouting skills when your unit is all together.  

Online Events:

“Scouting must accomodate for social distancing at the same time provide and good quality, safe programming for scouts to build their confidence in accepting and conquering the next challenge” – Tony Zizak

Change happens… When COVID-19 forced social distancing and quarantines, scouters around the world thought up new ways to keep scouts engaged. Online troop/pack meetings, boards of review, campfires, merit badge days and camporees. That will not go away when COVID-19 is over. We now need to make sure that the spirit of intent of the requirements remains intact. We cannot cheapen the experience. 

What does this mean from a program perspective? 

  • Events are now offered world wide. The pool of available scouts is huge and events will fill up much faster.
  • Because events fill up faster, your unit has to respond quickly to take advantage of some online events.
  • Units will need to go digital in one way or another. It will be up to the leaders to figure out the how and when.
  • Scoutmasters will need do a little more work and to verify merit badge counselors since they could be out of council. 
  • Scoutmasters will need to set guidance with their troops for when, how, and how many merit badges to take. Giving a “free for all” mentality will cause crazy amounts of logistical problems. 
  • Scoutmasters will need to adjust programming to allow for these online opportunities so the unit can take full advantage of the face to face opportunities.

Take small steps… scroll down for some suggestions…

Your Events Can Be Anywhere...

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Take Small Steps

  • Research Ideas

    There are a lot of different and new ideas floating around out there. Online scouting is offering up all kinds of opportunities. What do your scouts want to do?

  • Develop A Plan

    How do you want to integrate online scouting in your unit? Take a slow and focused approach. Your unit parents will need time to adjust.

  • Get Some Help

    Who will be your technology anchors? Remember it doesn't always have to be you. This may be the very thing to engage more volunteers for your unit.

  • Be Ready To Adjust

    Online scouting will be adjusting a lot for the foreseeable future. Depend on that. There will be a lot of online platform use. Try and make things as simple as possible.

Look to the list below for some ideas about online scouting you may want to start incorporating in your unit now.

Online Scouting Items to Consider

  • Fast communication with your parents (minutes): Text Group.
  • Communication with PLC, Parents and Adult Leaders (hours to days): Email Groups
  • Unit Information Everyone Needs (Information which doesn’t change often): Web pages and PDF files regarding troop information and guidelines for both unit family and guests.
  • Parent Portal: Internal communications, resources for all types of communication and static files within your unit family. 
Start at the top and work your way down. It will take time to get all the way to the bottom of the list.